A Year of Circle Work

I created Circle Work because I needed it.

I needed something to revolve around that made sense to me.  I was trying to plant myself in a place, but Circle Work helped me to instead situate myself internally.

This lunation marked the 12th cycle since I claimed myself as a Circle Worker.

That's a year y'all.  I’ve never carried something for a year, ever.  


Circle Work has gifted me a way to engage with my growth through thematic creative projects, aligned with the cyclical rhythm of the moon.

This “experiment" I created to expand the sacred space in my life, is now creating me.

It has become a practice, an identity, and a medicine all its own. 


 As I look back at each new moon's post, I see the process of an opening widen.   

I have challenged myself to be seen, to show up, and to continue to step closer to my Self with each lunation.  

 I am becoming a more truthful version of myself because of the wheel I've been turning here, enlivened by giving Spirit a marble to roll, specifically designed for It.  


I bump up against, or glide through the lessons it guides me to,

and either way is really fine with me.  

The point is that the process is always guiding me into new space to be honest with myself, not necessarily comfortable.


This moon cycle, I rolled into a few full circles:  

A year of Circle Work, a year in Denver, and a year as a single individual.  

It should be noted that I've never lived anywhere, or done anything for an entire year since I earned my bachelor's degree in 2013.  

I've also never maintained my individuality for this long since I started dating when I was 15.  

So, for me, these things are big deals.


Relating internally, and holding space for these larger cycles to complete themselves has proven to be the Circle Work itself this month.  

It was natural, and necessary, to review the route that got me here, to honor where I am, and to set my sites on where to shoot the marble next. 


Creatively, my desires are larger.  

I want to take on bigger projects that can't be completed in one lunation.  

Spiritually, I am entering into a fallow place, a natural resting period after cultivating and harvesting so much creativity.

I need space to let things run wild and unstructured for a bit; to start over again; to be The Fool.  

I want to play some spiritual pin ball, following the whims of the Self through the Circle without a deadline or a "product" to be consumed by anyone except myself.   


So I'm giving myself time to bump around, and see what pastures I roll into.  

I’m taking time off the blog to allow myself to listen to where Circle Work wants to go, so this is my last one for a spell. 


For now, the plan is to begin to step back into some structure at Samhain: the Celtic new year and Halloween.  

I don't know what structure Circle Work will take after that, but I trust, and I'm excited to find out. 

I'm willing to follow this work, circle by circle, wherever it goes.