The Herd

I don't have much to say this moon cycle.  I did it, and I'm proud of myself for finishing on time.

Painting 1 ocean mountain sunset.jpg

The most major theme that walked with me this month was knowing when to be done, and learning how to walk away and be satisfied, maybe even be pleased, despite my own ideas about imperfection and inadequacy.  

Painting 2 oden.jpg

 I'm great at starting things.  I'm not so great at finishing things.  But by some miracle, I finished these things.

Painting 3 Bean Stalk Ocean.jpg

 I herded these little babes into the metaphorical barn that is Keith's Coffee Bar, and there they will rest for a while after a long journey.  

Painting 5 Clouds Heaven.jpg

This feels good, and that is good enough for me.  

Painting 6 Camels.jpg

If you're interested in purchasing any of these paintings, click the "paintings" tab at the top of the blog page, or come visit Keith's in Denver.  

Painting 7 Star Ocean Sun.jpg

A  couple are already sold, but the rest are for the taking.  

Painting 4 Wolf Howl.jpg

And I do hope you'll let me shepherd them into your homes and onto your walls, because they no longer belong with me.  

Painting 8 Tree Orbs.jpg

I'm really grateful for all the support I felt from my friends and my family this cycle.  Thank you for holding space for me so that I could hold space for these images.  

Painting 9 Oden Bean Flower Explosion.jpg

Thank you for encouraging me that these creations in me were worth finishing.