Circling Up

January's new moon marks six months along this journey into circle working.


I've noticed a shift in the way I feel this process.


It has changed from being something that I do, to becoming part of my identity.


By that I mean it has incorporated itself into the pillars that hold up my perspective and fuel my actions as I walk through this life.  


I imaging what it means to be a circle worker will continuously change and shift as I continue to grow and learn within its path,


but at the beginning of this moon cylce,  I could feel that my roots into circle work  had grown sturdy under the surface.


A growing desire to bridge the gap between my internal and external life, my circle work and my community, was beginning to bud.


I began this cycle with the intention of being more brave.

It can be hard for me to discuss work that it is so interwoven with my spiritual practice.


It is vulnerable to share all that circle working is teaching me, because I know that it reveals my most truthful self, and it's also a little weird. 


I'm learning that what begins as weird is really just unfamiliar, and the more and more my community sees whats in my heart, the more familiar it becomes to them, and they become to me.


As I begin to step outward with less fear and reservation and more curiosity, I have felt the vitality of that shift, weaving my two worlds into alignment.


I'm realizing I’m not traveling alone.  

Friends and family color with me, have sent me pictures, or poems, or videos of circle work they are encountering, or that they have created themselves.


Ailish sent me her own circle work. 


Emma taught me how to make candles


and the circle work she sees within that process.


On this new moon, my friends gathered in my home,


raising up the dark circle of the moon together.  


I couldn’t feel more lucky to be playing this game of call and response with the universe


through the individuals in my community and what they have to share with me.

IMG_7636 (1).jpg

Exploring how the experience of being vulnerable creates space for my community to be the messengers, informing me to how the path curves.