Astrology Map

 I am a being on a planet, revolving in a solar system, spiraling in a universe, flowering in a multi-verse.  

While I understand this conceptually, I have only just begun to know it in my bones.  

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It wasn't until I read The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos, by Brian Swimme, that I began to know how it feels to understand universal citizenship in an experiential and embodied way.  

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With the help of his references, I could experience what it feels like to sit on the earth and feel the motion of it's weight pushing up against me, turning away as the sun moves below the horizon line.  


It was the pushing away of a ceiling I had never seen before; the understanding that as I stand here on this planet, I can feel the motion of the dance that bonds me to the earth and puts me in relationship with all that is, that was, and that has yet to be.  


This example helped to place me in the solar system.  Other references Swimme provides helped to place me in the Universe.

I was on the map.

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 I was IN the Universe for the first time and I knew I hadn't tasted the full sweetness of that understanding yet.  It was a flavor I had to concentrate on, like a flickering connection on the radio.  


I could do this.

 I could feel this all the time if I work to re-invent my cognitive norm. 


Towards this new moon I took steps to help myself learn how to hold that feeling of embodied knowing of my position in the universe.

I created an astrology map for myself, making the constellations and planets magnets that I can move as time moves.  


Being aware of how all is set in motion, and my orientation to that motion, is one way I can bond myself to the feeling of being a universal citizen more and more each day.