The Circle Worker

Hello fellow circle enthusiasts!   

The moon is full and I have a personal hypothesis that I can expand the sacred space in my life through the shape of the circle.  I want to explore how I can strengthen the depth of my intention and understanding through daily experience with circle-making.

Welcome to my experiment. 

I'm endeavoring to pull circles into my life in creative ways, then log my findings here bi-weekly, on the full and new moon.

Geometry is for everyone!  Join me if you dare. 

My inspiration: a belated yet timely wedding gift for my sister and brother-in-law.  They chose the mural location and the design above.  I set out from there.  All the tools and materials used to make this circle, except the chalk, came from a Habitat for Humanity Restore or were otherwise salvaged.  

It was my first time painting on brick.  The surface was weathered and I understood it would not be as simple as copying an image.  The need to adapt was engaging. I had to be mindful of the materials in order to render the image in harmony with its parts.  I couldn't use the paint and brick the same way I had used the pen and paper.   

On the uneven brick, I learned a dot is better made by a heavy dollop of paint pushed lightly onto the rough surface with a tight clockwise circle of the brush-tip.  

I learned a tree can be created with brisk and shallow diagonal strokes across the surface, allowing the contour of the brick to form the branches by itself.

I learned there were some aspects that could not be translated, and others aspects that would emerge in their place.

This project grounded me during the first weeks of my move to Denver.  I find when I'm in the process of transition, my sense of self can feel vague.  Every time I worked on this circle, I found something of myself constant there.  The event created a space I could return to, yet it was dynamic.  Like a dexterous player riffing over a familiar bed of notes, I could process my possibilities in the midst of change; I could choose a line that would carry me forward through transition and arrive into harmony.  That line is a circle.

So I'm just going to keep making them.