Back to Basics

When I  alter the amount of structure a creations has, it changes its qualities.  

More structure, while providing something beautiful, balanced and potently intentional, compromises movement, spontaneity and the unexpected.  

Less structure returns me to the fecund abyss, anything can rise from it because there are no boundaries.  


When I create my meditations, I follow the internal impulse that tells me how to move, rather than create something pulled and crafted from my thinking mind.  

The only boundary is that the drawing be focused around a circle.  The circle serves as a funnel, allowing the channel to flow with more directed strength.

These meditations show me a concentrated reflection of a moment in time.  I look at them and I am returned to embodiments of feeling.  I can remember how it felt to be in my body when I made it, the way the air smelled, where I was sitting, and what kinds of sounds were around.  I can remember if I was hot or cold, if I was comfortable or uncomfortable, if I was happy, or sad or any range of emotions in between. 

They allow me to reach into these moments with all of their vivacity and sense my journey.  In a glance, I can understand what would take me many words to express, and the place that I stand in the present is given deeper meaning. 

I can weave the physical with the mental and the spiritual through the practice of leaving space for the present moment to draw itself through me.  Within that freedom from judgement to be anything specific, the meditations unfold as they are.

As I have delved into this practice of drawing circles into my life in a deeper way, I found that I've strayed away from these meditations.  Towards this full moon I felt the need to return to the practice that started this journey into circles 3 years ago.  I wanted to honor this simple process that aligns me with the present moment in trust and truth.

IMG_6437 (1).jpg

I began by trying to document this process along the way, but I quickly abandoned it.  I found that it was getting in the way with truly aligning with trust.  It shifted my psyche into questioning if what I was creating was "good enough".  I also couldn't fully connect with the meditation when I was preoccupied with stopping at different points to capture my progress.