This past full moon to new moon cycle felt slapdash and unsettled.  I found myself busier with outward commitments than usual,  and additionally faced a lack of internal calm as I was moving into a new apartment.  Within this personal transition, I couldn't muster up enough focus to create something that I'm truly proud of.  

Everything felt rushed.

From my external life to my internal life, I was having a hard time just being still.  When I did have the opportunity to be still, my mind continued to race.  

The product I'm left with this cycle is an honest reflection of my inward agitation.  

Thing were not as tight as they could be; The blog is late, the pictures are sloppy, some lanterns didn't work the way that they should, and I didn't have enough time in my days to troubleshoot the problems.  

 I'm learning more each moon cycle about the process of bringing something from start to finish.  This project period highlighted a need to give myself more time to create work that is truly meaningful to me.  Blogging about my creations gives me impetus to finish what I start, but this cycle's project was not as attached to why I create, and that shift troubled me.

I circle work to create sacred space in my life, first and foremost.  

This cycle I strayed a little from that path, and I felt that lack of connection in my personal life.

So ...I've decided I'm going to shift my project timeline from bi-weekly to monthly.  

New Moon to New Moon.  

It's challenging to birth something infused with true personal power in two weeks time!   I believe this shift to my method will allow me to align my creativity more deeply with an entire moon cycle, and feel more complete in my creative process.  

So with that said, I humbly present to you this new moon's work.