A Turn Towards the Circular

Welcome to my archive, where I gather together my makings into one tidy locale. I am a maker inspired by circles, meditative/movement arts, up-cycling, and our dear Moon. I hope you enjoy journeying through my creative wanderings.

Currently, I recycle sheets, tablecloths, curtains, and other fabrics to create pleasing and useful rugs that are also walking labyrinths. I walk every rug myself, many times, before settling on the spiral I will hand-stitch on top. This allows me to connect with each labyrinth I create more deeply, and ensures that they are comfortable to walk for whomever may step forward to claim them. All rugs 2 1/2ft in diameter, or greater, are “walkable”.

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About my process…

I align my process with the natural rhythms of the moon, and have developed a practice that flows from new moon to new moon. Whether creating commissioned pieces, or naturally inspired works, all of my making is woven into this cyclical alignment. I produce my rugs in monthly batches which I call “Moon Batches”.

From the New Moon to First Quarter: I am selecting the fabrics I will use for the entire moon cycle, cutting them up into strips to serve as my color palette for that lunation.

From First Quarter to a little past the Full Moon: I am braiding all the rugs for the entire moon cycle. I harness the creative energy of the full moon to assist me during what I consider the most creative part of the process. This is where I am making colorful and inspired decisions about the embodied essence of each rug.

From the Full Moon to Third Quarter: I am sewing together all the rugs that have been braided for that moon cycle with my sewing machine, bringing them into more tangible and solid form.

From the Third Quarter to the New Moon: I am hand stitching the spirals on top, bringing my creative process to a close for the moon cycle and creating space for a little bit of emptiness before I begin again with the next “Moon Batch”.