A Turn Towards the Circular

Welcome to my archive, where I gather together my makings into one tidy locale. I am a maker, inspired by circles, meditative arts, and up-cycling. I hope you enjoy journeying through my creative wanderings.

My creative current is presently flowing towards fiber arts of all kinds, but predominantly walking labyrinth rugs. I recycle sheets, tablecloths, and curtains to create pleasing and useful meditative art.

Visit my blog, The Circle Worker, to learn more about what has led me here.

In case you were curious…

I am accepting commissions for labyrinth rugs. Any style of rug you see under the “Labyrinth Rugs” tab, can be replicated in colors that appeal to you, up to 4.5 ft diameter.

You want a labyrinth, but you want to try something different? Lets talk about it and see if we can create a labyrinth that is unique and personal to you.